An experienced team of knowledgeable engineers and producers will provide for you, the absolute best full-service studio experience. Available to you, is everything you'll need to complete your project with the greatest result possible.



Vocal Session…? full band tracking session? The studio is fully EQUIPPED and READY for your recording project. Record in our live rooms or Isolation Booths and capture your sound with best top of the line preamps, microphones, preamps, EQ’s and much more. Use our complete line of backline equipment that includes a variety of top brand name keyboards, Guitar Amplifiers, Bass Amplifiers, 4 Drum Kits and 51 vintage and modern Guitars (Acoustic & Electric). The studio is running the latest in ProTools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Kontact software to taylor to the projects.



Editing, adding effects to and fine tuning individual tracks to your album or single to a balanced mix, for Radio, TV, is what our production and engineering team can provide…. And in multiple formats (Digital/Analogue) fully prepared for release.



Once the mixing process is complete, Your album or single will then be prepared for the final and possibly the most important part of the recording process to ensure the most professional radio ready sound. Our Engineers and Producers will put the "Final Touches" on the project and provide a PQ Sheet.



Do you have a song or just a concept? Our Produces are among some of the best and will help you write the next hit. Beat making is a specialty with Producer Patrick. We can score your next film project with the big sound of the silver screen. The studio scoring team is ready for your film project. You can expect Hollywood Results.



Lights… Camera…Perform! Our Radio Station format provides the absolute best to .   

live stream your next performance. Live chat, pay-per-view and private chat rooms    

all broadcasted live using 2 or 3 angle top of the line broadcasting/cinema cameras  and sound equipment. Check it all out on "Stream Stage".


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